Shareholder Resolutions

When you start having shareholders, there is an obligation to ensure that all decisions and processes are recorded. Approval from the shareholders on certain decisions are needed, so make sure you keep track of it all. Just more resources for your minute book, enjoy!

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Shareholders' Resolution (General)
This is a template general shareholders' resolution that allows you to input whatever decision you choose.
Special Shareholders' Resolution
This is a general sample Special Shareholders' Resolution, when an ordinary resolution just won't do.
Resolution on Accountants/Auditors
Appointing accountants or auditors in an important step in accountability when it comes to ensuring accurate financial info is communicated.
Resolution on Confirmation of By-Laws
Corporate by-laws must be approved by the shareholders, and this resolution is a confirmation of that acceptance.
Resolution on Election of Directors
The directors of a corporation can be confirmed by shareholders through the use of this resolutions.
Special Resolution (No. of Directors)
Looking to change the number of directors for your corporation? This special shareholders' resolution can help.
Special Resolution Changing Articles
Changing the articles of incorporation is a very significant change that would typically require a special resolution.
Special Resolution on Share Amounts
Looking to issue more shares from the corporation? This special resolution is able to confirm the number and class being changed.
Special Resolution on Name Change
Changing the name of the corporation? That could require a special resolution from the shareholders so the proper consents are granted.
Special Resolution on Restrictions
Corporations may be restricted in how they operate. This special resolution permits and confirms any change in restrictions.
Special Resolution (Share Restrcitions)
Shares issued by the corporation may have restrictions on them. If wanting to make any changes, a special resolution is typically needed.
Special Resolution (New Shares)
Do you wish to create a new class of shares, maybe one that pays dividends? This special resolution is available for such an occasion.
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