Service Agreements

Whether hiring independent contractors, or offering the industry-specific services yourself, the following is a list of all the currently available service agreements that can be downloaded. It can be useful to couple these with other templates in this library, like confidentiality agreements. 

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General Services Agreement
This is a non-industry specific general services agreement for independent contractors.
Accounting Services Agreement
Don't mess around with finances and get an expert when needed. This accounting services contract is helpful.
Advertising Agency Services Agreement
Advertising agencies can pursue work that is very specific or broad, depending on the metrics emphasized. This contract can clarify.
Advisory Services Agreement
Being a trusted advisor has a whole host of responsibilities and obligations. A contract setting out the relationship is important.
Architectural Services Agreement
Whether acting as the architect, or needing to employ one for a custom job, this template service agreement can help make things easier for all.
Artist and Agent Services Contract
This is an agency agreement that is within the context of artists. It can be further modified based on nature of agency and art in question.
Artist Performance Contract
Putting on an artistic performance can have unique demands. Ensure they are identified by using this sample as a start.
Artistic Work Service Contract
Art can take many forms, much like the scope of work in this services agreement.
Bartender and Server Contract
Serving alcohol has more obligations when compared to any non-licensed event or establishment. This template can clarify.
Beta Tester Agreement
Have an amazing new app or software that needs testing. Get some beta testers on board to identify those bugs.
Broker Services Agreement
A broker is a person who arranges a sale between two or more parties. This sample contract can be modified based on needs.
Catering Services Contract
If you are in the business of catering, this food services agreement can help to lay out expectations between the parties.
Childcare Services Agreement
This template contract is useful for anyone engaging in, or needing, childcare services.
Cleaning Services Contract
This template agreement can be used if cleaning services are needed, or need to be provided.
Construction Contract
This is a general construction services contract that can be modified in a variety of ways based on the project in question.
Creative Consultancy Contract
Focus on the creative consulting and not the contract with this easy to use template agreement.
DJ Performance Contract
There is no party like a DJ party, so make sure the music doesn't stop with this sample DJ performance contract.
Editing Services Agreement
An editor for any content is not only a great additional set of eyes for errors, but can also make valuable suggestions.
Endorsement Agreement
Do you need something endorsed? Perhaps you would like to be doing the endorsing. Either way, this sample endorsement contract is useful.
General Agency Contract
This non-industry specific and general agency agreement can be modified for different agency contexts.
Research and Development Contract
Need to get some R&D done? This services contract could help get that idea out to the public quicker, with some specialized help.
Graphic Design Services Agreement
Are you a graphic designer? Perhaps you need one. This template contract can help get that creative content out there.
Home Healthcare Services Agreement
Regardless of age, anyone can be in need of home healthcare services. Make sure expectations are clear with this sample agreement.
HR and Recruitment Contract
It can be important to have the right people looking for the right people. This template contract can help facilitate process.
IT Services Agreement
This is a general IT services agreement, given the complexity and specificity when it comes to any IT solution.
Landscaping Services Agreement
Landscapers would find this contract useful to make sure the properties covered are well developed and maintained.
Limo Services Agreement
For that more personal chauffeured touch, this template limo services agreement can help you do more than just drive, or be driven.
Maintenance Agreement
An ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure. Help with general maintenance with this template contract.
Management Consulting Contract
This is a general consulting contract that can be modified to ensure a custom and detailed scope of work can be included.
Marketing Services Agreement
This marketing services contract can help take your product and services to the next level, or use it as a freelancer.
Modeling Contract (Adult)
When recruiting models, it is important to outline the rights, responsibilities, and roles of the parties involved.
Modeling Contract (Minor)
This template agreement can be used when recruiting a minor for any modeling services, given the inclusion of the guardian in the contract.
Non-Live-In Nanny Contract
Need a contract for a non-live-in nanny and home childcare service? This contract can make things clear for the caretakers of any children.
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