Release Agreements & Waivers

A waiver is to forgo any rights or claims that you may have based on the terms of the waiver. It is a type of release agreement that aims to waive liability if something has happened (or could happen) to the one waiving their rights as described in the waiver. A release agreement can also waive any compensation that may be owed as a result of any claims that may otherwise be owing, such as the using of a person's image in a commercial or as a contest winner.


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General Release Agreement
This is a general release agreement that can be used, and tailored to your desired specifications.
Agreement Release
Agreement has come to a conclusion and would like an explicit release on the matter? This sample release agreement is a valuable addition.
Artistic Work Release
Are you an artist selling your work? Perhaps you need content from artists? This artistic work release can lay out expectations.
Debt Release Agreement
Want to make sure that a debt paid is explicitly released through an agreement? You can find one here.
Product Placement Release
If using products or other commercial placements for any media, it is wise to get a release before displaying them.
Service Agreement Release
Want to make sure that a service agreement has indeed come to an end? This certainty can be helped along with this release.
Settlement and Incident Release
Whether you are the cause, or the victim, accidents happen. If a resolution can be agreed upon, this template release can help.
Release on Likeness
This is a release and waiver when it comes to any additional claims associated with a person's image, voice, or other likeness.
Agreement Default Waiver
Behind in payments and currently in default? This waiver can avoid the implications of a default if new conditional terms can be agreed upon.
Activity Waiver
This is an activity waiver that can be used to release any rights or claims that made be owing as a result of participation in that activity.
Activity Waiver (Minor)
This is an activity waiver to be used by minors, given the inclusion of guardians as additional signing authority.
Release and Waiver (Minors)
This is a general release and waiver for minors that includes guardians as having signing authority on their behalf.
Release & Waiver of Likeness (Minors)
This release includes guardians to ensure any minor has representation when it comes to the waiving of claims associated with their likeness.
Indemnification Agreement
An indemnification is to be protected against a loss, or against another agreement to be attached as desired.
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