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A loan agreement, or a promissory note, can take many different forms. Secured notes are those that require something to be put up as collateral, and unsecured don't. The interest rates can remain the same through fixed rates, or be variable as a changing rate. While monthly payments can be agreed upon, any outstanding amounts owing can be required to be paid on demand or on a specific date.  Finance agreements can take many forms, and go beyond simple loan agreements. The following list of templates and sample contracts that can be used.


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General Loan (With Guarantor)
This is a loan agreement that also comes with a guarantor component. Some lenders may require that extra security.
Secured, Fixed Rate, Due Date
A loan can be based on this template promissory note that requires collateral, has a fixed interest rate, and a set maturity date.
Secured, Fixed Rate, On Demand
A sample loan agreement requiring collateral, is based on a fixed interest rate, and is repayable on demand, is another type to customize.
Secured, Variable Rate, Due Date
A secured promissory note, offering a variable interest rate, and an option for a specific maturity date, is being offered for use.
Secured, Variable Rate, On Demand
A template loan agreement that requires collateral, has a variable rate, and can require repayment on demand, is available.
Unsecured, Fixed Rate, Due Date
A sample of an unsecured loan agreement that comes with a fixed interest rate option, and a specific maturity date, can be found here.
Unsecured, Fixed Rate, On Demand
An unsecured, fixed rate, and on demand promissory note can be downloaded for your lending needs.
Unsecured, Variable Rate, Due Date
The promissory note is unsecured, but has the variable rate and comes maturity date option.
Unsecured, Variable Rate, On Demand
This template loan agreement does not require collateral, has a variable rate, and is payable on demand.
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Debt Subordination Agreement
If some creditors are getting priority in repayment over others, a template debt subordination agreement can be useful.
Earnest Money Agreement
Earnest money agreements are useful when wanting, or needing, partial payment or some deposit to secure an interest.
Performance Bond
This is a general performance bond that outlines a guarantee being made when it comes to completing a project or other obligations.
Surety Bond
A surety bond is where someone is willing to take on the responsibilities, and/or debts, of another individual or business.
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