Litigation Support

Litigation involves many different steps and processes. You might need to confirm a corporate name or a personal address before filing a claim; perhaps you don't feel comfortable serving papers on another and need someone to do it for you; the following services are available for the self-represented litigant, or even extra support for legal professionals.  



Court filing is just the first step needed to pursue a claim. Whether filing online or in-person, we can help make sure you get some support before filing your claim or defence.  


When getting ready to litigate, get a copy of a corporate profile report in order to review and confirm any information registered and on file.



Process-serving is the formal providing of documents and material to those involved in an adjudicative proceeding. In some cases, this can also include locating services.



Want to make sure that your interests are not prejudiced from a competing lien on a piece of property? A search of liens on an identified piece of property can help understand where a registration would fall.