The turul is a mythical bird in Hungarian lore that acted as a guide to nomadic tribes of the past. We have embodied the spirit of the turul in our desire to be your guide to your professional service needs. We offer piece of mind for you and your business because it is easy to get lost.

Being an entrepreneur and business owner can be overwhelming. With the rise of the gig economy and side hustles, more people are exploring this path as a supplement to their income, but running a business has its own challenges, even if you have a great product or service to sell. Turul aims to be your first stop when it comes to the acquisition of local professional services for you and your business.

Turul wants to make the creating and maintaining of a business easier for the small business owner, freelancer, and aspiring entrepreneur, while also increasing access to justice along the way. We here at Turul believe that the world needs more entrepreneurs, so we want to make it easier for you to be one!


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Turul Network is out to make entrepreneurship easier, while increasing access to justice along the way!


A continually growing library of template contracts and agreements; access to free half hour initial consultations and discounted hourly rates from trusted professionals; further discounts from listed products and services; and this is just the beginning!

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Full access to all of the benefits are granted at a rate of only $65 per year, or $25 per quarter. Documents can be purchased without a subscription at the identified rates, and non-subscribers do not have access to discounted rates. 

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Interested in becoming a service provider in our network but not sure what that would entail? We have your most common questions answered. 

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